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1.17 inch LED backlit screen
2.New CNT test, which is more scientific, effective, and directive. CNT curve will be formed and displayed on the screen when the test is finished. 
3.Better user experience—all tests icons are listed on home interface. 
4.Quick test list—Pick ten or less frequently used tests to establish your own quick test list. 
5.V style optotype arrangement—avoid optotypes congested on the screen. 
6.Excellent programming give full play to the features of CPU.

C901 advanced parameter setting experience
The built-in software of C901 is developed on Linux platform. All the optotypes and charts are vector graph. 
What you do: press a button on remote controller. 
What C901 does: redraw the optotypes and charts on base of defined parameter. 
1.Two languages. English and Russian, are available currently.
2.Working distance can be flexibly adjusted according to user’s needs. 
3.Various visus units for different opetator.
4.Red &Green value can be set real time according to the clinical condition. 
5.Reversible optotypes and charts for mirrored room. 
6.Size of image can be changed freely according to the working distance. 
7.Screnn Saver and Standby function are avalible.
8.Gamma Calibration function brings the professional contrast sensitivity measurement. 
9.Software upgrade provided for free during the lifetime of C901. 
10.With the wall bracket, C901 can bracket, C901 can be installed on the wall. The wall bracket is adjustable from 0 to 180 both horizontally and vertically

With two extornal ports on C901 provided for SD Card and USB flash disk connection:
1.The users can run the automatioc update procedue
2.Video playing and image browsing 
video of AVI, MKV and MP4 format. Image in gif, bmp, jpge, png format.


Screen type 17inch XGA Panel with LED backlit screen
  Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
  Brightness ﹥200cd/㎡
Charts Optotypes E, C, Alphabet, Numbers, Children, Allen pictures (Normal and V type)
  Mask type Change of the background , Single mask, Horizontal mask, Red/Green mask, contrast sensitivity
  Special Chart ETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Test, Contrast Test, Ishihara, Cross Cylinder, Astigmatic Fan Dial, Cross, Grid, Fixation Spot Test, Stero Test, Red/Green Panel, Worth Four-Dot Test, Red/Green Balance, Traffic Light, Horizontal Conincidences, Vertical Coincidences, Schober Low vision chart (E, C, Alphabet, Number, Children(Allen picture)) V Style Optotypes
Other Functions Video playing, Image browsing, Randomization Optotypes Playing, Mirror function, Screen Save function, Standby function
Visus Unit Decimal 0.05-2.0
  Snellen(ft) 20/700-20/10
  Senellen(m) 6/210-6/3
  logMAR -0.3~1.3
  5-Grade 3.7-5.3
Working Distance 2m-7m (in steps of 0.1) 6ft-24ft (in steps of 0.5ft)
Low vision chart: 0.6m~1.5m, in steps of 0.1m
Power Supply Input 100-240V AC, 60/50 Hz
  Consumption 20Watt(max)
Remote Control IR Remote, 2*AAA Batteries
Packaging Dimension 540mm x 420mm x 270mm (L/W/H)
  New Weight 2.5 Kgs
Optional Accessories Desk Supporting, Floor Stand