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CV-7200 Auto Phoropter Features:

7.0-inch color LCD touch screen; Stylish and compact design
Auto detachment printer; Independent PD adjustment
Built-in LED for near vision illumination
Data transmission with auto refractometer and auto projector

CV-7200 Auto Phoropter Specifications:

Sphere -19 ~+16.75D (0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D steps)
Cylinder -6.00D ~ + 6.00D  0.25D steps
Axis Angle 0-180 ° (1 °/5 ° steps)
Pupil Distance Distant range 52-80mm Close range 48-76mm 0.5/1mm steps
Rotary Prism 0-20 △ 0.1/0.5/1.0△ steps
Cross Cylinder Lens +/- 0.25D
Retinoscopy + 1.50D (67cm), +2.00D (50cm)
Auxiliary Lens PH, Binoculars (∮ = 1.0mm); RMV,RMH; PD Lens
RL(Right eye),GL(Left eye); Polaroid(Right eye 135°/45°; Left eye 45°/135°)
Prism(Right 6BU ,Left 10BI); Cross Cylinder Lens (±0.50D Axis=90°)
Chiropter Size 365mm×280mm×110mm   3.8kg
Keyboard Size 230mm×195mm×190mm   1.2kg
Power Box Size 236mm×126mm×115mm   2.1kg
Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ or AC 110V 60HZ,90W