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Compact and portable design for advanced solid-state-laser technology Tocuh-screen operations for easier usd.
2. Precise
Continuously zoomed and precise laser spot size
Homogeneous photocoagulation spot on retina
Stable output but no power degeneration for closed-loop power control system
3. Safe
Minimized power density on cornea, Maximum protection while maintaining clear field view
4. Adaptable
Detachable delivery system, compatible with a range of slit lamp microscopes.

Treatment Beam
 Type: Diode-pumped frequency-doubled solid state laser
 Wavelength: 532nm Green True CW
 Power Output: 50-1200mW,adjustable
Pulse Duration: 0.01s-3s,adjustable
Pulse Interval: 0.05s-1s,adjustable
Aiming Beam:
Type: Laser diode
Wavelength: 630-680nm
Power Output: <1.0mW,adjustable
Cooling: Air Cooled, Thermoelectric Cooler System
Laser Delivery Unit: Slit Lamp Adapter
Slit Lamp Delivery: Haag Streit slit lamp
Spot Size:


Continuously adjustable from 50 to 500 microns
Power: 100-240VAC
Size: 30cm*28*cm*14cm