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1. LSO:Equipped with LSO(Line Scanning Ophthalmoscopy)MOcean 3000 provides simultaneously high quality fundus imaging,which is easy for physicians to localize the lesion.

2. MACULA:Macula HD line:High definition OCT imaging reveals small lesions,OCT scan length can be switched between 6mm and 12mm.

3. Macula Six-line Radial: Having a glimpse of the retina with HD imaging and quick data analysis. Software Analysis: Retinal thickness analysis, Ganglion cell analysis, High definition OCT imaging with 5 images averaging.

4. Macula Cube: A point-by-point assessment of retinal thickness with a 500×100 dense cube

Software Analysis: Retinal thickness analysis,Progression analysis, 3D view,En-face analysis.


1. For comprehensive glaucomaanalysis.MOcean 3000/3000 Plus offers two scan modes:glaucoma cube scan in macular area and glaucoma cube scan in disc area.Evenly distributed sampling rate with 200×200 A-scans provides reliable information for early glaucoma detection and management.

2. Glaucoma(Macular):Software Analysis:Ganglion cell analysis,Progression analysis.

3. Glaucoma(Disc):Software Analysis:RNFL analysis,Cup-disk analysis,Calculation circle and circle scan tomogram,Progressionanalysis,OU comparative analysis.

Informative Report: OU comparative analysis, Progression analysis report.


1. Anterior HD line:High-definition OCT imaging of the cornea enables localization of the Bowman’s layer, the interface between corneal stroma and and epithelium, Anterior Chamber Angle,Manual measurement is available.

2. Anterior Six-line Radial:The anterior segment scanning through 6 radial lines of equal length can be used to measure the central corneal thickness, Software Analysis, Corneal pachymetry,Manual measurement.


1. En-face Analysis:En-face OCT provides ability to precisely localize lesions within specific  subretinal layers.

Choroid View

IS/OS-Ellipsoid View

Mid-Retina View

VRI View

2. 3D En-face View

Network System: Remote Analysis System:Moptim provides a remote viewer software for displaying,enhancing, analyzing and saving digital images obtained with MOcaen 3000/3000plus.

Remote Diagnosis System: Customer scan are reviewed remotely by specialists at Big Picture Eye Health for over 45 eye pathologies.

The software immediately generates a customer report, including educational content and specialist referral if needed.

This optional module,which is developed and operated by Big picture Eye Health, can be connected to MOcean 3000 seamlessly.


OCT Imaging
Methodology Spectral Domain OCT
Optical Source Super Luminescent Diode(SLD), 840nm
Scan Speed 36,000 A-Scans/s
Axial Resolution(Optical) 5 Microns(optical), 2.7 Microns(digital)
Tranverse Resolution(Optical) 15 Microns(optical), 3 Microns(digital)
A-Scan Depth 2.3mm
Diopter Range -20 to +20 Diopters
Scan Patterns Macular: HD Line Scan(6mm or 12mm), 3D Scan(6mmx6mm), 6-Line Radial Scan. Disc: 3D Scan(6mmx6mm). Anterior: HD-Line Scan(6mm), 6-Line Radial Scan.
Fundus Imaging
Methodology Line Scanning Ophthalmoscopy(LSO)
Frame Rate 10 FPS
Minimum Pupil Diameter 3.0mm
Field of View 47 Degrees
Software Analysis
Macula Retina Thickness Analysis; 3D View; En-face Analysis; Progression Analysis
Glaucoma RNFL Analysis; Ganglion Cell Analysis; Cup-Disk Analysis; Progression Analysis; OU Comparative Analysis
Anterior Segment Manual Measurement; Corneal Thickness Analysis
Others DICOM Conformance; Remote Viewer Software Available
Electrical and Physical Specifications
Weight 29kg
Dimension 450mm(L)*250mm(W)*450mm(H)
Input Voltage AC 100V-240V
Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Rated Power 90VA