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International Standards: Sphere radius, background light and vision target brightness, size, etc. of the projection perimeter in compliant with Goldmann standard.
Color Perimetry: a more sensitive detection of early visual field defects.
Accurate, fast perimetry
Original intelligent testing strategies (IDT): 3 minutes to complete a full inspection threshold.
Kinetic Perimetry: in addition to the standards Kinetic perimetry program (standard 45, 30, 15), users can also manually set the detection test parameters, and save it as usual kinetic perimetry program.
Stimulate point appearing way Optical projection
Detection method Static perimetry
Detection range 0-90 degree
Background light Yellow, white
Background brightness White : 31.5asb   Yellow : 315asb
Visual Target Color Red , blue, white
Visual Target Brightness 0.08asb-10000asb
Vision Target Interval time ≥200ms ( customizable , no limit )
Visual target holding time ≥200ms   ( customizable , no limit )
Brightness level 0-51db


Visual Target Size (Goldmann Standard) ⅠGradeⅡGradeⅢGradeⅣGradeⅤGrade
Detection strategy Full-threshold, fast threshold, custom, Two notation, three notation, quantify defects
Threshold strategy Intelligent dynamic, fast intelligent dynamic, age-related, The threshold, a single strength
Threshold Test Mode Center 10-2, Center 24-2, Center 30-2, Center 60-4, Nasal step, macula
Screening, special test mode Center 40, Center 64, Center 76, Center 80, Center Armaly; Peripheral 60, Nasal step,
Armaly Full Field, Full Field 81, Full Field 120;Full Field 135, Full Field 246, upper 36, upper 64, Ester mansinglesee, Ester manbinocular
Fixation monitoring Dynamic real-time video monitoring, physiological blind spot monitoring, Eye tracking curve, eye position offset alarm
Analysis Software Reliability analysis, analysis of a single vision, triple report analyzes,
Overview vision analysis, glaucoma semi vision analysis
Report Figure Value, grayscale, the overall bias decibel chart, The overall deviation
probability map, chart pattern deviation decibels, Pattern deviation
probability plot, staring Figure