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Technical Data
1. Combine measurement to diopter and corneal curvature
2. The precedent optical technique, consistent measurement and accurate figure.
3. The most advanced technique of a graph edition, make the graph measured quickly and clear.
4. Humanized focusing design to make grasp focus more quickly.

Measurement mode K/R Measure diopter and corneal curvature
REF Measure diopter
KER Measure corneal curvature
Diopter measurement Vertical distance 0mm,12.0mm,13.75mm
Sphere -20.00 ~ +20.00D(0.12/0.25Dsteps)(VD=12mm)
Cylinder -8.00D ~+8.00D(0.12/0.25D steps)
Axis 1° ~180°(steps 1°)
Pupil distance 45 ~85mm(accuracy 0.5mm)
Minimum pupil diameter Φ2.0mm
Charter Auto fogging method
Corneal measurement Corneal curvature radius 5 ~ 10mm(0.01mmsteps)
Corneal diopter 33.00 ~67.00D(0.12/0.25D steps)
Corneal Astigmatism 0.00 ~ -15.00D(0.12/0.25D steps
Axis 1° ~180°(steps 1°)
Corneal diameter 2.0 ~12.00mm
Product specification Display 7"TFT color LCD and touch screen, tilt screen
Printer Import thermal printer
Energy save Auto monitor energy save ,no operation for 5 minutes
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V,50/60HZ
Dimension/Weight 275(W)*475(D)*435-465(H)mm/18kg