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1.Internal reading Lensmeter
2.±25D measurement
3.Wide field of vision observation
Technical Specifications:

Ranges of Measurement 0 to ±25D
Minimum Outer Reading:0.125D

Inner Reading:0.125D graduation up 0 to ±5D

and 0.25D graduations over±5D to ±25D

Cylinder Axis Range 0-180° step 1°
Primatic Power Range 0-5∆ prism diopters,∆graduations

with prism compensation device 0~20∆prism diopters, 1∆graduations

Prism Base Angle 0~180°
Eyepiece Adjustment ±5D
Dimension of Objective Lens Φ16~Φ86mm
Overall size 275×120×430mm
Weight 4kg
Lighting Bulb ~220V/-3V 3W or ~110V/-3V 3W